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Buyer Advice

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Home:
While there are many issues to consider when purchasing a home, we have provided some primary, common-sense suggestions that will help protect your interests, as well as make the home buying experience a positive one:

Get Approved For A Mortgage:
* This should be your first step in the home-buying
process. You must be aware of your purchasing power in today's market, before you start looking for a home. You don't want to spend countless hours looking at homes that you can't afford, or not looking at homes that you might otherwise be able to afford? When you actually find a home that suits your needs, you need to be in a position to capitalize on the opportunity. Nothing is more frustrating than finding the perfect home, not making an offer until you're certain about your financing, only to find that the home has already been sold by the time you return to make your offer. Get approved!

Be Reasonable When Making An Offer:
* If you really want the home, be reasonable. If you start out too low, not only may you lose the home to a better offer, but you also run the risk of starting the negotiations off on the "wrong foot" by having the seller think you're unreasonable or not serious about the purchase. If you're uncertain about the home's value, ask for a market analysis of the neighborhood (most seller's have a market analysis performed prior to putting their home on the market).

Be Specific When Writing The Purchase Agreement:
* Make sure that each and every term is spelled out in the contract. It is always better to over-document terms and conditions than to leave something out with the "implied" understanding that everyone knows what you're talking about. If there are going to be any areas of dispute, it's better to address them early in the process, rather than three days before a scheduled closing! If you need assistance with this step, please see you legal review option.

Write Your Earnest Deposit Check To The
Title And Escrow Company:

* The escrow company acts as a neutral party to the transaction and will handle all receipt and disbursements of funds.  There role in the purchase transaction is to protect both parties, so they are also a good source of information

Be An Informed Buyer:
* Unless you're buying a new home, it is always advisable to get a home inspection - even if you're buying the home "as is." With a home inspection you will know the exact condition of the property you are purchasing. Remember, buying or selling a home is a very important decision, and at times the process can seem overwhelming. If you have any doubts about any issues, it is always better to seek the advice of a professional prior to making a decision that may have long-term consequences. Under these circumstances, seeking the assistance of a professional can give you the peace of mind you need.