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Marketing Your Home - Finding Buyers

Proper preparation and marketing are very important to the successful sale of your home.

* When preparing your home for sale, use common sense:

* Exposure is the name of the game:

Re-evaluate your position after 5-10 showings

Remember there is only one reason a home does not sell...PRICE! A properly priced home will sell itself. People look for homes in specific neighborhood because these homes are in their price range. Home buyers looking for $160,000 homes look in $160,000 neighborhoods, and not in $145,000 neighborhoods. No matter what improvements you have made, even if your house is the nicest house in the neighborhood, there is a limit to what it is worth. Be realistic and use common sense. Feel free to call about your free market analysis.

The Home Seller's Kit includes a number of checklists designed to assist you in the home preparation and marketing process.