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Holding an Open House

Proper preparation for an Open House is very important to the successful sale of your home.

* Steps for an Open House :


Let visitors tour the property alone unless they ask you to give them a tour. This allows them to discuss your property without hurting your feelings. As visitors leave, ask open-ended questions like "What did you think of the propcerty?" and "What did you like best about the house?" Let them know that FSBOthatWorks will follow up to see if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Be prepared to answer very specific questions about the house, such as "How old is the roof?" "How long has it been since the furnace was inspected?" and "What are the neighbors like?" Step Thirteen Be prepared to negotiate in case you get a live wire prospect. Tips & Warnings Agents may come by to take a look. Listen to their suggestions closely; you might get some good free advice that will help you sell your home faster. If agents drop in, keep their business cards in case you have trouble selling your home down the road and want their help. Keep your spouse or another family member on hand to greet guests in case you end up in a serious conversation with a hot prospect. There's always the possibility that thieves could visit. Keep valuables well hidden.

Everyone that walks through your open house should sign your Guest Log. It is imperative that you get as much feedback as possible. There is no substitute for honest quality feedback. Quality feedback will allow you to make changes to your home based on what objective observers tell you. This is invaluable when selling your home. When showing your home, be sure to use our free Guest Registration Log.